Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl transfer and screen printing are the most common ways of printing a number, name, or image onto a material. Unlike screen printing, however, heat vinyl transfer involves cutting out designs and colors of vinyl, and then using a very hot heat press to transfer the image onto the fabric. Our experts utilize vinyl transfer to create simple pieces such as:

Benefits of Vinyl Transfer
An advantage of vinyl transfer is the ability to print in small qualities. Whether you need a few jerseys, or a simple one-color design, we can help! We utilize our advanced heat transfer equipment to print you high quality pieces that showcase your identity or brand. Our vinyl transfer process is efficient and effective, which means a shorter turnaround and delivery time for you!

Vinyl Transfer Care
In order to get the most wear or use out of your item, it is recommended to follow the specific care instructions from the manufacturer. We also suggest not using fabric softener when washing, as this can fade your image or design quicker. With the proper care, your vinyl transfer apparel should last about 100 washes.

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