Custom Safety Uniforms


When a job like yours comes with increased risk, safety and comfortability are key. However, finding uniforms that ensure safety, comply with regulations, and promote a professional image can feel impossible. At Kensington Valley Varsity (KVV) Apparel, we combine OSHA-standard apparel with expert customization for apparel that meets the highest standards for professionalism and safety. No matter what industry you work in, our professionals will help you design and perfect the custom safety uniforms you need to complete every job safely and comfortably.

Where Safety and Professionalism Meet

Our apparel options come with everything you need to comply with OSHA standards, including:

  • Reflective strips

  • Safety colors

  • Protective features for first responders

  • Custom design capabilities

  • And more

Day in and day out, your gear faces wear and tear from rough work environments. That is why, at KVV Apparel, we tailor our design approach to meet the unique demands of your job. Utilizing our industry-leading equipment and top-quality stitch techniques, we craft logos that withstand wear and washing, ensuring you and your team maintain your professional look even in the harshest conditions.

Custom Safety Uniforms For Every Need

KVV Apparel is proud to offer every uniform you need for enhanced safety, including:

  • Industrial jackets

  • OSHA standard t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel

  • First responder jackets and additional uniform elements

  • Hats with added safety features

Stay professional without compromising safety with custom safety uniforms from KVV Apparel. Contact us today to start your design!

We print it. We stitch it. We promote it.