Group Stores

If you’re an organization that wants to offer our custom products to your members, Kensington Valley Varsity (KVV) Apparel offers group stores to make ordering easier and more convenient. Our group stores feature a catalog of readily-available items for purchase, unique to your organization. These items can be chosen by your organization’s representative or facilitator, and can feature your school colors, logo, mascot, name, and more! These items can be picked up individually or by your facilitator, or can be shipped directly to you for an additional small fee.

The types of organizations that can benefit from our group stores include:

Give-Back With KVV Apparel

We are proud to offer a give-back option where you can choose to designate a portion of your sales from our products to a certain charity or nonprofit. This is a great and easy way to facilitate donations, all while supporting your group.

Ready to set up an online group store for your school, corporation, or organization? Call or contact KVV Apparel today to get started!