Design Studio Tool

If you're looking to bring your creative design visions to life, Kensington Valley Varsity (KVV) Apparel is here to help. Our design studio tool allows you to create your own custom art and designs for a variety of applications. Start by choosing a specific product, color, and size, and then browse through our catalog of clipart. Want to add your own text and/or images? No problem! Simply upload any image to the design studio and watch it appear on your garment. Once you’re done customizing, we work our magic and bring your design to life. Start your custom design now!

Have some ideas, but not quite sure where to go with them? No problem! You can contact us for guidance in the design process, or fill out our intake form to get started on the process. Our design experts are happy to help bring your design to life and meet you in the process, wherever you may be.

We print it. We stitch it. We promote it.