Who We Serve

Kensington Valley Varsity has been serving its customers throughout Michigan for many years. Nearly all of our custom products are made locally and in-house by our team of experts, and our focus is on our 1-1 relationships. From the beginning of the design process to the delivery of our products, our pride is in our ability to work with our customers every step of the way. Each product and custom order is specially designed and created to bring personalization and pride to:

Using our screen printing, embroidery, and vinyl transfer technology, we are able to bring your designs and visions to life. Whether it’s spiritwear, varsity jackets, shirts, hats, or other items, you can rest assured that our locally owned, designed, and produced products are perfect for any occasion.

We also offer a unique, but convenient, way to facilitate sales for larger orders. Our group stores allow your school, company, or organization to easily and securely offer specific designs and items related to your brand. Students, staff, employees, and supporters can order through the group store. We take over from there and get to work on bringing you high quality, locally sourced products.

Contact us today to see how we can best serve your school, corporation, or organization!