Having pride in one’s school shows a sense of belonging, passion, and love for the students, staff, faculty, and campus. School pride can be fun, boost morale, and increase performance. There are a number of ways to showcase your pride, but one of the most common ways is through spiritwear and varsity jackets. Kensington Valley Varsity designs and creates school apparel and accessories for various schools throughout Michigan.

With our group stores option, your school can feature its own unique selection of custom gear. We have been serving the following school communities throughout Michigan since 2005:

Any item can feature a school name, logo, mascot, number, personal name, and more. These items are typically printed or embroidered using the school’s colors, but they can also be personalized to your liking. We can help you create a design for your school apparel that encompasses your school and showcases your spirit.

Call or contact us today to order your school pride apparel and accessories or to set up an online store for your school!