Custom Varsity Jackets

varsity jackets

The varsity jacket, also known as a letterman or letter jacket, was first introduced in 1865 by members of the Harvard University baseball team. It was a way to showcase accomplishment, skill, and pride in a specific sport or school. Today, letterman jackets still hold the same meaning; however, there are more options to choose from in regards to style, size, color, and types of patches. Kensington Valley Varsity provides high quality custom varsity jackets for students.

Chenille Patches
Varsity letters are typically worn as a badge of honor to represent commitment and hard work. They are made from chenille, which is a typeChenille Patches of soft yarn that, when woven, creates a fuzzy appearance. We utilize our top-of-the-line chenille machines to create high quality patches for your custom varsity jacket. Whether you want your sport, activity, name, or number on your patch, Kensington Valley Varsity will make it happen! If you're looking to bring your own design or idea to life, our graphic design experts will work with you to get your creative patch made just for you!

Our Commitment To You
Our quality of work in custom varsity jackets is second to none, and our policy is that every student must be fitted to ensure that every buyer has a great fit and looks good. We will build your varsity jacket in any color combination with custom embroidery designs for many different schools. Because of our dedication to our customers and our top-of-the-line manufacturing process, we proudly feature a quick turnaround on all orders.

varsity jackets

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